Musical Theatre at HVCC with Hannah Snelling

The Sparrow Academy of Performing Arts – Musical Theater Workshops deliver the ultimate performing arts package: ACTING, VOICE, AND DANCE!

MUSICAL THEATER for Kids – 10 Weeks Workshop

Tuesdays, 4.30 pm – 5.30 pm (60 min)
May 1st to June 26th 2018
Prices: $80 per 10 sessions. Casual attendance will be $10 per student or $15 per family.

Targeted at Primary School age children, these weekly workshops will feature drama games, lively vocal exercises, energetic choreography and huge performance potential.

It is run by Mrs. Hannah Snelling, who has two diplomas in music performance & production, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Contemporary Music from Ara Institute and over 10 years experience singing and playing piano, along with a handful of small acting roles over the years.

Any inquiry can be address to teacher, Hannah Snelling, by email or phone 022 171 3732.

To enroll please complete this Online Form.

More information: Sparrow Academy of Performing Arts

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