TAI CHI at HVCC with Vanessa Lukes

10 weeks workshop *
Tuesdays, 1.15 – 2.30pm  (75 min)
24th July to 25th September
Price: $135 per 9 sessions

CLASS DESRIPTION: Tai Chi was developed from Qigong, which has always maintained the aim of health of well-being. Thousands of forms of Qigong have developed over the last 5000 years in China. Yuan Qigong uses easy to learn movements to guide the mind to draw in and replenish Qi. The movements increase flexibility, balance and co-ordination, the Qi heals and energies, and the whole activity brings deep relaxation and a calm and focused mind.

To enroll, please contact instructor, Vanessa Lukes, by email vanessalukes@gmail.com or phone 027 342 0957.

* Vanessa is offering a FREE TRIAL CLASS on July 24th, from 1.15 to 2.30pm. 
This is a free activity, however the space is limited. If you want to attend please email hvcc.bookings @ gmail.com to reserve your place.


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