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Heathcote Village Project
Facebook page: @heathcotevillageproject

Want to know what’s happening in Heathcote?

The Heathcote Village Community Google Group is an electronic mailing list that distributes messages about happenings in the wider Heathcote Valley area, and other matters of local concern. Google Groups is a free service provided by the famous Google search engine company and supplies a very effective means of distributing information to a group of recipients.

The Heathcote Village Community email mailing list now has approximately 400 local residents on it and we find it works exceptionally well!

If you would like to subscribe to our electronic mailing list just send a message to  to with the subject “Subscription to HVC Google Group”.

Want to make a positive difference to your community?

Many volunteers don’t have the time for a traditional role but would contribute if volunteering was a bit more flexible. Micro-volunteers are always welcome for one-off contributions or for a regular commitment of a small amount of time.

We also encourage and support ‘champions’ – people who are happy to lead an activity for community benefit.

If you are keen to become a Heathcote Valley Community volunteer or champion, please let us know about your project, skills and availability.