Heathcote Village Project

In the early hours of September 4th 2010, Christchurch residents were awoken by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. In the long months following, Canterbury was shaken to its core by a series of violent aftershocks. The most significant one occurred on February 22nd 2011. It was centred between Heathcote Valley and Lyttelton communities, killed 185 people, and devastated large parts of the city.

The Heathcote Village Project started two weeks later as a spontaneous response to the crisis and involved large numbers of the community. Over the years, this community forum has grown into an organised, ongoing, collaborative, future-focused effort to build a stronger, healthier and more resilient community.

The Heathcote Village Project focuses its energy on supporting locals to make positive changes in our community.

Lots of projects have been initiated in Heathcote Valley over the last few years by a wide range of local people. Some of them have been compiled in the book Heathcote: the Upside. Many others are  waiting to be carried out – by you maybe? If you have an idea that can improve our community, we would love to hear about it and help you make it a reality.

Email: heathcotevillageproject@gmail.com
Facebook page: @heathcotevillageproject