Heathcote: The Upside

“This book tells the story of the many creative and varied projects that sprung up in the wake of a series of violent earthquakes. It documents the creativity, innovation and initiative that have connected and strengthened the Heathcote Valley community.”

An inspiring read about resilience within a small community, but also a universal story about creativity, compassion and cooperation.

Heathcote: The Upside is for sale at the Heathcote Library, for just $10.00. You can also place an order by emailing heathcotevillageproject@gmail.com


Community Creativity, Innovation and Initiative in Response to the Christchurch Earthquakes

Editors: Sooze Harris and Sara Templeton
Freerange Press, 2016. Christchurch, New Zealand.
166 pages, Colour illustrations.
ISBN: 9780473353711