31 OCTOBER 2018


Who was the main person(s) who championed this project?
Jackie Foulkes and Sooze Harris

How many others helped?
Sofia Foulkes and Amalia Harris

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Describe the project
Children from the community go door to door collecting cans/dried goods etc. on Halloween (Wednesday 31st Oct 2018) to donate to AVIVA (an organisation who provide family violence and support services).

Residents are invited to put a cut-out heart or balloon onto their letterbox if they would like to donate goods so that children (and adults) know which houses to go to.

Trolleys/wheelbarrows/prams etc. pushed around the valley with collections.

At 5.30-7.30pm everyone involved is invited back to the Community Centre to celebrate with a movie, popcorn, pizza and treats and to see how much is collected.

When did it happen?
31 Oct 2018

How much did it cost?
Cost of lollies and popcorn

Where did the money come from?
HVCA community fund.

A koha was asked from those that attended and $90 was given which was also donated to AVIVA.

How long did it take to organise?
Approximately 8 hours.

Local groups/ societies/ businesses supporting this project?
Winnie Bagoes Ferrymead (Jo and Mike Knowles) kindly gave us about 25 delicious pizzas to eat on the night.

HVS supported us by sharing the information out to the school community.

HVCA supported us by giving us a venue (the Heathcote Valley Community Centre) to use.

The generous Heathcote residents who got behind the project by donating goods.

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