Hatha Yoga


With Atmavidya

Tuesdays, 9.15 – 10.30 am (75 min)
From April 20th – July 2nd (10 weeks)
Prices: $20 per class or

This is a yoga class that everyone can practice at their level.  It is designed to increase flexibility and strength, expand vitality and nurture well-being of  body, mind and spirit bringing increasing experience of peace, balance and healthy perspective on life.

Each session include well-being of body, mind and spirit are uplifted through postures (asana), breath awareness (pranayama), meditation and deep relaxation (yoga nidra).

Atmavidya also shares sacred singing (kirtan), chanting (mantra), cleansing practices like nasal irrigation (neti) and ways of living yoga in daily life (karma yoga).

For inquiries and enrollment, please, directly contact the teacher: atmavidya7@gmail.com 021 043 5122‬

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